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Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Before we started making wines from our estate fruit, we were grape growers, selling our grapes to some of Napa Valley's most esteemed wineries. Our Consulting Winemaker, Aaron Pott, purchased fruit from our estate in the early 2000s for one of these notable Napa Valley wineries, and now he works closely with our winemaker and vineyard manager, Lindsey Wallingford, to create distinctive Cabernet Sauvignons reflecting our terrior.

Our soil type is Bale Loam with three variations. The "Estate Cabernet Sauvignon" reflects the seven clones of that grape variety planted on our state vineyard. Vines are cane pruned and hand-tended throughout the year to yield two clusters per shoot. Thoughtful farming and care for each individual vine yield a small crop of fruit, leading to wines with intensity and elegance.

Our vineyard is farmed by our estate crew, led by Lindsey Wallingford, with consulting from viticultural guru, Bob Gallagher.


Please call the winery to acquire this and other small lot wines, including library vintages. Tel: (707) 967-9463

Thank you.