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Large Formats

Our large format bottles are the epitome of luxury. Each large format is hand-bottled, hand-waxed and limited each year to fewer than 50 magnums. More than just visually stunning (and fun!), large format bottles offer unparalleled benefits for wine aging thanks to their lower ratio of air to liquid. This allows the wine to evolve slowly and gracefully, ensuring a truly unforgettable wine for years to come.

Whether destined for your cellar, a festive gathering or as a gift to someone special, these wines are sure to leave a lasting impression. To secure your desired large format bottles, simply email or call our winery directly 707.967.9463. 

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2013 Vintage Libary Magnum

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/ Case of 6

2014 Sympa Vintage Library Magnum

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/ Sympa Cabernet Sauvignon 1.5L